Meet Livia

Hello and welcome! I stumbled into the world of sleep just like many of you – exhausted and desperate for a solution.

My firstborn was premature and spent the first month of her life in the NICU. She woke up often to eat for the first months of her life. I was tired and overwhelmed with all the polarizing information there is out there on baby/child sleep. 

After hundreds of hours of research, I successfully taught her to be a great sleeper, and, after becoming certified myself, went on to develop my own program that provides gentle strategies for massive success. 

My mission is to give families the gift of sleep. I’m here to support you, educate you and—in just a short time—transform your child into a rockstar sleeper. Yes, it is possible.

Livia Fernandez

My Philosophy

Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. At Livia Fernández Sleep Consulting, we believe that families who are well rested are the happiest and healthiest. 

I use a proven, evidence-based approach to get your child sleeping all night long. Parents know their children best; that’s why I provide individualized plans that ensure parents feel empowered and comfortable every step of the way.

My Offerings

My Approach

To accommodate all families, I offer different types of packages. For those families who are looking for concierge-type assistance, you’ll want to take a look at my Private Coaching page. I create a personalized sleep plan and provide 2 weeks of one-on-one support to ensure that, by the end of our time together, your child’s an amazing sleeper and you’re equipped for all the milestones ahead.  


For the DIY parents out there, I’ve decided to offer a Sleep Guide  for parents who may not want a full-service package. Perhaps you’re not ready to make that jump just yet or maybe you don’t envision yourself wanting personal coaching. The Guide allows you to learn the basics and feel empowered to execute a sleep strategy on your own timeline.  Click on the “Sleep Guides” page to learn more.