Baby & Toddler

4 months – 5 years

My baby and toddler packages are meant for little ones between four months and five years of age. 

With each package, I create a sleep plan tailored to your little one’s age, suitable to his or her development, and in alignment with your family’s unique needs. 

All my plans utilize a gentle, yet effective, sciences-based method and support parenting styles of all types. 


What to Expect:

This package includes:

    • Sleep Assessment Questionnaire
    • A 1-hour, Virtual Consultation
    • Customized, Written Sleep Plan
    • Electronic, Interactive Sleep Log
    • 2 weeks of unlimited email or text support
    • Goodbye Call & Package

    Investment – $549.00

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What’s the best age to to sleep train?

    The honest answer is that, there is no magic age where a baby wakes up, suddenly a perfect candidate for sleep train. With that said, around the 4-month mark is when we find that babies are develpmentally ready, as their sleep patterns have begun to evolve. Before that time, as you’ll see in my newborn packages, we focus on building healthy sleep hygiene to set you up for success.


    Do you use the “cry-it-out” method?

    The extinction method, better known as “cry-it out” is not something I suggest to parents I work with. Having said that, for babies and toddlers, crying is their way of protesting change.

     I’m always sure to tell parents that, even though my approach is gentle, it will most likely involve at least some amount of protest.

    Please know that I will never ask that you leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore his/her cries. The reason that my methods are so effective is that they allow parents the opportunity to develop a plan with which they feel comfortable, with each child’s unique demeanor at top of mind.

    What if my child has reflux, colic, etc.?

    If your little one has reflux or colic, you may wonder if sleep training is right for you. The answer is yes, and I have worked with many such babies. If needed, I am happy to collaborate with pediatricians and specialists to ensure we meet your baby’s needs.