The gift of sleep is one for the entire family.

Here’s what a few of my happy clients have to say after working with me:


We’re Sleeping Better…All of Us

“All of us are sleeping better. And it gives me more time in the evenings as I can just lay my son down and go back to my husband and our older son to spend more time before the rest of us go to bed.”

Julie, Mom of 6-month-old

Life Changing Support

“I feel like Livia has become a friend through this all. Being able to have support like this is life-changing, and I think that anyone who is struggling will most definitely succeed with Livia as their sleep consultant. So thankful for this resource!”

Stacey, Mom of 10-month-old

Happier & Better Rested

“My husband, toddler and I are sleeping better. Baby is sleeping much better. We are all happier and better rested.”

Elizabet, Mom of 8-month-old and 3-year-old