My Philosophy

Sleep is a necessity, not a luxury. At Livia Fernández Sleep Consulting, we believe that families who are well rested are the happiest and healthiest. 

I use a proven, evidence-based approach to get your child sleeping all night long. Parents know their children best; that’s why I provide individualized plans that ensure parents feel empowered and comfortable every step of the way.

My Philosophy

When parents enlist me as their child’s “sleep guide,” they place a great deal of trust in me, and I want to let you know that I take this responsibility very seriously. As a mom myself, I’ve been in your shoes. That’s why I’ve placed so much emphasis on accommodating different parenting styles when working with families.

It is my mission to provide ongoing support and a sleep strategy with which you feel comfortable. My approach is gentle, but effective, and encourages parents to be hands-on and nurturing, while fostering independent sleep skills. Within just a few days, parents report seeing marked improvement in their child’s sleep.   

My Approach

My Approach

My approach to improving your child’s sleep is pretty simple:


Honest Information

I’ll give you honest information about WHY sleep is so important for your child’s well-being. This will give you all the motivation you need to make changes to your child’s sleep habits.


A Plan that Works

I’ll lay out an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that allows you to make some choices about what the right approach is for your child. All children are different and nobody knows your child better than you do. I encourage you to share your knowledge of your child with me so I can personalize his or her sleep plan.

success measuring

Realistic Expectations

I’ll show you how to measure success. No, you shouldn’t expect your child to sleep 12 uninterrupted hours on the first night — although it does happen! I’ll let you know what to expect along the way.

A Note on Crying

I’m often asked whether my solutions involve “crying it out.” For many children, babies in particular, crying is their way of protesting change, and you can expect that making changes to their sleep habits will result in some protest. I’m always sure to tell parents that, even though my approach is gentle, it will most likely involve at least some amount of protest.

Please know that I will never ask that you leave your child to cry alone, nor will I ask you to ignore his/her cries. The reason that the Sleep Sense™ Method is so effective is that it allows parents the opportunity to develop a plan with which they feel comfortable, with each child’s unique demeanor at top of mind.

If you have any questions at all about my philosophy on sleep, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I can be reached by email at [email protected] or by telephone at (262) 893-3490.

A Note on Crying